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Tijuana Airport Guide to Tijuana International Airport General Abelardo L. Rodriguez (TIJ)

Tijuana Airport Terminal map

Tijuana Airport opened its gates in 1951 as Aeropuerto Federal de Tijuana before becoming Tijuana International Airport.

Tijuana Airport is the sole airport in the world which consist into a terminal located within two countries, Mexico and the US – This is thanks to the Cross Border Xpress bridge and Terminal, which let passengers transfer through a bridge from the US to Tijuana Airport, counting with a Terminal in the US side and amenities on the Mexican side as well.

Transfer between terminals

You can easily transfer between terminals through the pedestrian walkway which joints both terminals.


Tijuana Airport is composed by a couple of passenger terminals as described below:

Main Terminal

Tijuana Airport Main Terminal just hosts all the flights from and to Tijuana Airport. It is formed by a couple of levels, which hosts the Arrivals and Departures. The terminal is home of concourse A and B.

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Cross Border Terminal

Tijuana’s Airport Cross Border Terminal it is home of the Cross Border Bridge, which connects Tijuana Airport in Mexico to the Cross Border Terminal in San Diego, US. The bridge can be used by paying a fee. Given its features, the Cross Border Terminal has separated facilities in each border side.

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